Welcome BSDC company, we are glad to have you with us! Diving in Sochi, Adler, Lazarev. We offer quality goods for spearfishing, diving , technical diving equipment for underwater diving, products for swimming pools and water recreation.
On the basis of our dive center PADI 22374 can be trained diving and underwater hunting, and make fascinating underwater excursions. We also organize diving tours to RUSSIA and overseas.
In our service center Aqualung / Apeks №54 can be repaired regulators and other diving equipment.
Our employees are the real experts in the field of diving and spearfishing with a wealth of personal experience in this area of knowledge.

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Phone shop in Sochi: 8 (988) 239-11-15
Phone dive center in Loo: 8 (988) 239-11-16, 239-11-17
Address: Sochi, UL. Nessebar, 1b house, exhibition center at the southern breakwater, near the building to the main entrance of the river Sochi Image Map